What’s the average annual rainfall in Vancouver? The answer: 1,153.1 mm, or 45.40 inches. Now, here’s a more personal question. How much of that rain is leaking into your home’s basement? We’re sure you’ll agree that any amount is too much.

Slope / Grade

It may be that your home’s problem too little slope (grade) around your house. If you didn’t know the annual rainfall in Vancouver, you should at least know how much slope you have. It’s an important number to remember if you want to keep your basement dry. We dare to say that knowing your home’s slope is even more important than knowing local weather facts. People talk about the weather, but they don’t talk about slope. But it’s a conversation they should have with people who actually care. (That’s us.)

Conversations about slope should go downhill. The right amount of slope or grade around your home’s foundation is vitally important.  Here are the numbers you need to know. At about out 60 centimetres (24 inches) away from the house, the ground should fall or slope away by at least 20 centimetres (8 inches).

Ground Leveling

If the ground is near level at your foundation and basement wall, you have a problem. It’s compounded when there’s a slope into the house, rather than away from it. The bottom line is always to keep the water moving away from your house.

But even with perfect slope, leaks can still happen and basements can still become damp or flooded. A common issue, often easily fixed is your evestroughing system’s downspout. Often downspouts aren’t extended far enough from your home’s foundation to carry the runoff a safe distance.

Water main leaks, faulty or clogged drain tiles, driveway, sidewalk and patio drainage issues are also the enemies of foundations and basements. Tree roots can also lead to water ending up where it shouldn’t.

Weather Cycles

Then, there’s the weather. Expanding and shrinking cycles of heat and cold, wetness and dryness cause soil shifting that creates lateral pressure on basement walls and causes horizontal cracks. When this happens, even a perfect slope won’t save you from water trouble.

Slope is important, to be sure. But it’s just one part of the drainage picture. Call us at 778-233-7499. It’s our job at Groundhog to assess all the causes of water troubles– properly and professionally. We promise to be “on the level” about slope issues and other issues that may give your home water troubles. You can also leave us a message on our website’s contact form and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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