Video cameras capture the most interesting things. We recently came across the “Donair Cam,” a live cam that captures a rotating donair 24/7 from a Nova Scotia eatery called the “King of Donair.” If we weren’t so busy doing drainage inspections for homeowners, we could watch it for hours. At Groundhog Excavating and Drainage, our own involvement with cameras is for more practical purposes– and very hands-on. We go deep, where no one has gone before (or wants to go, ever), using a camera system to find blockages in drain pipes and home drainage systems.

Don’t confuse our CIS (Camera Investigation Service) with CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), either the TV series or an actual crime scene investigation. However, our camera work is often a GSI: Grime Scene Investigation. We’re camera-ready when it’s time as we discover the root of a clog, whether it’s grime or an actual root from a tree or bush. But enough with abbreviations and word-play. The important thing to remember is that at Groundhog Excavation we have the technology to get to the causes of perimeter drainage issues, and to get them resolved efficiently.

There are hundreds of feet of pipes around every home and commercial property. Our CIS allows us to do more than guess where the problem is. Our camera system allows us to reach the exact source so that both you and our technicians can view the obstruction. By removing the guesswork in locating the obstruction, we know exactly where to dig, saving time, hassle, extra cleanup, and additional expense.

How far can our camera go? We have 200 feet of running cable attached to the cam, more than enough to find your drainage system’s issue. And we’re able to inspect both narrow and wide pipes, whether they’ve been installed using PVC piping or the clay or concrete drain tile used in older home’s perimeter drainage systems. The fact is, the problem can lie in any number of places within your home’s drainage system that our camera can reach: such as within sewer lines, or within the sump pump and catch-basin system.

Our camera also often helps us to find back grades or back slopes which prevent smooth water drainage. Back grades are often the result of the poor installation of the drainage systems. If your home’s drainage grading was done in wet conditions, back-flow can result as the soil and gravel shifts over time. This is but one of many issues potentially hidden beneath the surface. But the camera can reveal all!

A drainage camera might not be as intriguing as a hidden camera or as entertaining as a donair cam. No one has suggested that we stream our inspections live. However, our drainage cam is an excellent, effective tool for locating hidden drainage issues.

Experienced experts with the right tools. That’s who you want dealing with your perimeter drainage issues. That’s Groundhog Excavating and Drainage. Call us at 778-233-7499 or get in touch with us here on our site.

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