Water comes in by pipe, and it goes out by pipe. Simple, no? Water pipes are undoubtedly some of the most taken-for-granted aspects of domestic living. Even the life-essential liquid they carry is taken for granted. That is until it stops flowing or starts pooling around your yard, or worse, showing up in your basement. Then, domestic life gets complicated.

When they have an issue with water in their water pipe, most people immediately think of calling a plumber. But not all pipe problems are within the scope of your plumber’s expertise– particularly the pipe network that surrounds your home.
The System
This perimeter system, known as drain tile, or french drain, is a run of pipe around your home containing tiny holes. Yes, these pipes are intended to leak. In fact, you’ll want to call us when they’re not leaking. It means you have drainage problems. When this pipe system isn’t moving water away from your home’s foundation, it’s collecting around it, turning into a more significant problem.

When the perimeter pipe system is working correctly, its holes let in water so that it can then run toward a city connection or in some cases a rock pit. If it’s working correctly, it’ll be about the farthest thought from your mind. But since much of our thinking at Groundhog Excavating goes beyond the superficial, we invite you to join us, at least once in a while, in “thinking deeply,” beneath the surface.
Proper installation and cleaning of the pipe system of drain tile are vital in protecting your foundation from damage. If you don’t remember the last time the perimeter drains were cleaned, there’s a good chance they’ll need it.

Once moisture starts to accumulate around your home’s foundation, your repair bills grow every day you procrastinate. Drain cleaning and clearing of debris requires a professional. Sometimes cleaning involves the removal of dirt or mud. Other times, it may also include the removal of roots or other objects. We’ve seen children’s toys as well as some downright unusual things that have somehow made their way beneath the surface.
Cleaning and removal require experience and professionalism– including the tools of the trade. Two of the most useful tools for perimeter pipe cleaning and clearing are our sewer camera and our power snake. These are indispensable in giving homeowners an efficient and cost-effective solution.

There are many signs that point to potential pipe problems with either the mainline or perimeter pipe system. Since it’s good to know what those signs are, we have a blog, that you might find helpful.

While it’s good to know the warning signs that your home may need pipe cleaning or clearing, it’s even better to know the right professionals who can adequately assess the problem. That’s us! So, avoid (more) water damage to your home’s foundation. Think deeply about the pipe cleaning you might need. Call Groundhog Excavating and Drainage today for fast, professional service and free estimates. You can also message us here.

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