“Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling” is an old Irish melody we sometimes hum as we work. Why? Because, aside from being great diggers, we’re “pipers.” Not bagpipers, though. Water pipers. And our experience with pipes is that their “call” is sometimes angry and rupture-ous. At other times, just weak and dribbly.

It’s possible your water main pipes are calling you to take action. In that case, call us! Keep in mind, though, it’s important to watch as well as listen. Water main problems aren’t always noisy. It’s usually indoor plumbing problems that make the most racket. Outside the house, it’s often a quiet, soggy tale. Are you watching and listening for problems that become more costly the longer they’re ignored? Here are 5 signs you should always pay heed to.

#1 The sound of running water

Your home’s taps are closed and you’re not using a dishwasher, washing machine, or anything else connected to your home’s plumbing or drainage system. But you still hear water. Don’t waste a minute. Investigate now. This is a big red flag that a drip is about to become a disaster.

#2 A stream of water or soft spots in your yard

Water in your yard, either as a stream or as squishy spots on your lawn soft spots in other areas, is the most common sign of a broken or cracked water line. It’s possible that this water has been leaking for quite a while before you finally notice it, so don’t waste any time in calling us before it gets worse and affects your home’s foundation.

#3 A spike in your water bill

Water bills don’t usually vary too much from season to season, so if you see a steady rise or a sudden spike in your water bill, trouble may be lurking (or gushing) beneath the surface. Get outside and investigate for the above-mentioned streams or soft spots in your yard. Check your basement and foundation for moisture, too.

#4 Low water pressure

Don’t assume low water pressure is a municipal issue that you’ll just have to live with (like parking tickets or barking dogs). A decrease in water pressure is a red flag of water line problems. Lower water pressure can indicate you’re losing water to a leak somewhere. That means that while your struggle to get a good flush, rinse your dishes, and rinse shampoo out of your hair, water from your main line is seeping into your lawn and making its way into your foundation or basement. Don’t let the low-pressure warning signs go unheeded.

#5 Darker water from taps

Your water should always come out of your tap crystal-clear. If it comes our as brown as your favourite ale, it’s not some sort of water-turned-to-beer miracle. It’s an indication of a water line problem. It’s not necessarily a municipal issue. The tint can come from break down of clay pipes, corrosion, or dirt getting into the line from a cracked water line. Your water may now be a health hazard.

Ignoring these symptoms of water line problems won’t make them go away. Let a water line problem go, the worse it will get, resulting in more than just a costly water bill. Water line problems are a threat to your home’s foundation– and at its worst, to your home’s contents and to your home itself.

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